Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Flywheels Are Ready

Here is the finished flywheel after drying in the sun.
I painted the flywheels blue to contrast with the white reflective strips I will use later on to measure the actual speed of the wheels. It will aid the accurate functioning of the laser photo tachometer.

I also had the flywheels balanced. You can see the 3 dots at the bottom of the wheel where material was taken out after balancing them. Balancing the wheels is important especially for higher speeds because an imbalance in the weight distribution of the wheel will result in anomalously higher centripetal force at the heavy spots.

This particular wheel is a well made one. I can tell that from the data. It was off balance by only 0.955 gram-inch before being balanced. The imbalance was corrected by simple 1-plane balancing. The corrections made ensure that the wheel is safe for 10,000+ rpm.

Click here to see the flywheel suspended in an assembly with housing, bearings and motor.

Click here for a blank drawing template of the flywheel for your use in your own design effort.

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