Monday, October 29, 2012

Experiment 8 Part B

In this experiment we tune the wheel-subassemblies to spin at roughly the rate at which they were precessing in Experiment 8.

(Please see the next post. This video has been deleted as the phenomenon is better illustrated by the next video depicting a modified version of this experiment performed Nov 1, 2012.)

mass : angular momentum :: electric charge : magnetic dipole

rotating magnetic field -> Faraday's Law

rotating angular momentum -> analogous Laws of Induction

Resonant coupled angular momenta have high-efficiency in transferring energy from primary to secondary relative to the distance of separation of the two axes.

For identical angular momenta and mass distributions, the two spinning wheels (their angular momenta) share a single resonant frequency. It is their natural frequency in that the energy transfer is maximized at this resonant frequency.

So here in this shed, we are prototyping a machine analogous to a Tesla coil and hope to resonate it so it will ring at its natural frequency and if strong enough will cause a spontaneous disruptive transfer of energy
 The disruption that allows this energy flow to happen will be gravitational in nature. The sudden flow of the mass (the Rel. Machine)  will be due to a break down of the gravitational field in the vicinity of the mass.