Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Saturday, April 2, 2011


In my opinion a diligent researcher should entertain a healthy level of skepticism towards preconceptions that he/she brings to the research- I do, therefore entertain the idea that this might be only a transient minor wrinkle in my own understanding of science. Nonetheless, given my skill set and the cost-benefit analysis of the potential technological breakthrough it was my choice to meld art and science, theory and experimentation, hypothesis and application, logical roots and real world implications and run with this idea as a tech-startup. The end product being offered for sale is the resulting machine.

Right now it is to me, a project management challenge involving the engineering of the technology and the development of the theoretical map (implicit in this is the validation of the idea itself - is this idea worth anyone else's time/money?) behind the technology along with all the other things that I must do to organize a business behind this idea, from legal/marketing/finance/operations purposes. The rest (sales/H.R./I.T./infrastructure management) are moot ... for now.

New prototype assembly is in progress.