Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kidd Effect or Not?

I am forced to conclude that the damage to my machine was caused not by a mechanical malfunction but a true manifestation of the Kidd Effect.  There are two reasons for my conclusion:

1. The picture below is a close up of the damage wrought by the Kidd Effect.

You can see the metal of the wheel was extruded on the outer side of the wheel and the wheel was pulled against the friction of the pin holding it firmly in place. It would take a very large inward force to do this.

There is a slight (~3 degree) inclination of the main axles but the component of the weight of the wheel along the horizontal would be hardly enough to force the wheel and shear the metal.

Centrifugal forces generated due to the application of torque on the wheel assemblies are also only likely cancel out any inward weight component about the horizontal.

Reason # 2:  hmm... suffice it to say it is a very good one. A subject for a new post.

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