Monday, February 8, 2010

Response of The Rel.Machine to Harmonic Torque

The above graph represents the response of the rel.machine to harmonic torques of 1 Amp, 2 Amp and 4 Amp maxima (i.e. sinusoidal waves of torque whose highest value reached said amplitude) for a range of time periods of the harmonic torque. 

The graph indicates that the carriages actually spun around at the lowest velocity for the 4 Amp maxima i.e. by increasing the rate of change of torque (by increasing the numerator, the torque represented directly by the current level here), we have channeled away increasing amounts of energy from the plane of application.

Also, note how each of the three Tmax torque lines droop as they move to the right, thereby indicating that increasing the time period has increased the energy conversion (thereby leaving less energy in the carriage and therefore fewer rotations and thus a lower slope for the line). This indicates that further testing must continue to increase the time period beyond current levels.

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