Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Latest Experimental Results

The latest results are added to the previous results to generate this graph. New information includes the following:

a) Results for harmonic torques of time periods 30 seconds - 38 seconds have been added for 1 Amp, 2 Amp and 4 Amp amplitude. These results continue the trend we've seen earlier, namely, a falling rate of revolutions (i.e. a falling average speed) with an increase in both the time period of the applied rate of change of torque and the maximum amplitude of the torque.

b) Results for harmonic torques for time periods 9 seconds - 16 seconds at a maximum torque amplitude of 5 Amp have been added. These results continue the same trend as mentioned above. Being of higher amplitude, these harmonic torques  result in the lowest number of revolutions yet  (for example, 3 revolutions in 8 seconds which translates to roughly 3.8 revolutions in 10 seconds - compare that to the case of a constant 1 Amp torque which nets us 8 revolutions in 10 seconds)!

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