Monday, July 11, 2011

Experiment 4.4

These two experiments (4.3/4.4) show us that there is a small amount of transient torque in the system that dissipates over 40-50 seconds. The last cycles of torque produce roughly the same amount of rotation in both directions.

Something else that is also interesting and not yet fully explainable is that the same amount of torque produces less rotation of the system if the wheels are spinning, than if they are not. As can be seen from experiment 4.4's data, when the wheels were not spinning, an application of the sinusoidal torque caused 4.3-4.7 revolutions and with the wheels spinning, an application of the same sinusoidal torque caused only 2.6-3.2 revolutions.This parallels what the Inductive Effect experiments I conducted in Jan 2010 revealed.

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