Monday, November 5, 2012

Experiment 9

This experiment proves that the previous experiment (Expt 8B) was flawed and there does not seem to be any strong effect similar to induction. The second wheel oscillates even when the primary wheel isn't spinning. As long the primary wheel sub-assembly is being driven by its high-torque motor, that's sufficient to cause the secondary to react. This proves that the oscillation is only the gyroscopic reation to the rotational torque on the secondary wheel because of the changing weight distribution of the inner-cage holding both wheels and their motors.

Oh well! However I am still hopeful that I might be able to either do something useful with it anyhow, by using the gyroscopic effect of one wheel to turn the other or perhaps discover something by upping the torque of the motors driving the sub-assemblies and also engaging the main motor. Stay tuned!

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