Monday, February 17, 2014

Sketch for a Gyroscope And Suspension

OK! Posting after a really long time, to share new designs. The new design will set the gyro free in 3-Dimensions and the gyro will hold its position with respect to the distant stars (when the wheel is spinning at a steady speed).

Further Steps:
1. This captive bank of angular momentum will be tested using programmable servo drives along 2 of the axis to see how it reacts to energy inputs through the drives,
2. What happens if a small spinning toy gyro (in an appropriate suspension) were to be brought near it?Would the small gyro coordinate its spin axis orientation with the larger? What we should probably find, going by the book, is that nothing happens. We should probably find that the two do their own thing. (Unless the wind from the big one blows the little one over, perhaps! Right?) But on the other hand, if there is some kind of an inductive relationship between them, we would expect the large gyro to try to orient the small one, once it comes with in range of its field of influence. We will FIND OUT ...ONCE... the model is complete!

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