Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Experiment 6.2

OK, so this experiment is the same the Experiment 6.1 (part 1), except that the two blue wheels are now at 4600 rpm instead of at 3500 rpm. As is obvious from the video, increasing the speed of the wheels allowed them to return to their behavior as observed in experiment 4.60

OK, so time to confess: After this experiment, I tried many different approaches such as raising the torque, using intermittent torque, sinusoidal torque, positively offset torque, negatively offset torque, you name it however I didn't receive any more strikingly report-worthy change in the behavior of the prototype. Based on some intense thought, I decided to return to the roots of my research in order to try to renew my approach.

I observed one of Eric Laithwaite's old experiments, the one with the large gyro that wouldn't topple. Here is the link to a page with several of his experiments. The video I refer to is the video # 7 on that page.

After much thought I decided that I had based my approach on a faulty assumption: the assumption that it is possible to obtain amplified output in the precessive plane. There is the input plane, where we put force into the system - in my experiments, its always the horizontal plane i.e. I apply forces using the top motor, so that the two wheels get rotated in the horizontal plane. Then, I receive precessive movement in the vertical plane, i.e., the wheels move the frame about some corner of the base, in the vertical direction. Observe, however the experiment in video # 7 in the link above. Laithwaite received output NOT in the plane where of precession (in his experiment, the plane of precession is horizontal -i.e. the wheel rotates about the central axis in the horizontal plane) but rather in the plane of input of torque - i.e. the input to this experiment comes from gravity's pull downward and the gravity defiance of the gyro happens in the vertical plane, the same as that of the applied torque.

Therefore I decided that I need to change my approach and start orienting the prototype's wheels in a different way. I have accordingly started experimenting with the novel orientation. I will start posting videos of my experiments of this new approach next.

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