Friday, March 9, 2012

Experiment 6.1 with Three Gyroscopic Wheels

So after several months spent coordinating with my team, I finally managed to run new experiments, this time with a lovely large wheel installed on top, electronics and all.

And this time I found my conviction confirmed! The prototype behaved completed differently from experiment 5.1 thereby vindicating my theory. I was flying blind for 6 months, not sure if perhaps the behavior of the model with the small wheel would be 'it'. So it was a relief to see its behavior fall in line with my theory at last.

Having performed experiment 6.1 I analyzed the video and realized that I could make the model change its behavior yet again by changing one small aspect of the prototype. Can you guess what that is? I will post video of the change and its consequence next.

Think about what this all means too. Why did the behavior of the bottom wheels change when we introduced a large wheel on top? And is it possible to make this prototype fly? The answers are right in front of us!!!

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