Friday, March 9, 2012

Experiment 5.1 with Three Gyroscopic Wheels

Before I reveal the results of my latest experiments, let me set the record straight by releasing the videos of experiments I did after experiment 4.60, back in September 2011.

So having seen that the results of these experiments were similar to those of experiment 4.60, I thought long and hard. I decided that even though the prototype had not altered its behavior significantly, my proposition that an extra third wheel would alter its behavior was correct and that the third wheel didn't have a sufficiently high angular momentum.

Based on that conviction, I started the process of having a new bigger wheel made. The new wheel would have to be bigger than the small wheel so that any effects I was seeking would  be manifest clearly by it. The new wheel has 2.5 times the radius of the old wheel, weighs twice the old wheel and has a net Moment of Inertia 12 times that of the old wheel!!!

So now we are up to date and ready for the videos of the new experiments!

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