Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Experiments With Model 6 Have Begun

1) My apologies for the delays. The main reason for the delays is: yup! Funding!  If I could work only on this project for 6 months, I will have it wrapped up. However, until I have more funding, it will drag on for a bit. I am looking to raise funds and I am willing to negotiate a fair contract, so if there are angel investors out there, contact me because this project is a winner.

2) This next modification wouldn't have been possible without the generous contribution of P.H. (Danke vielmals, Peter! Ohne deine hilfe ist das neue Model unbedingt unmoeglich!)  who took charge of the machining aspects of it in spite of the various frustrations that cropped up!

Also thanks are due to M.B. for helping me procure some electronics (Thank you Mike)!

And how could I forget to thank Damu, my dear friend! దాము, నీ వంటి స్నేహితుడు దొరకటం నా పూర్వ జన్మ సుకృతం! నీకు మళ్లీ, మళ్లీ ధన్యవాదాలు చెప్పాలి!

Last but not least thanks to B.L. for helping me with the cables! Thank you so much for your encouragement and great technical mind even more, Bob!

Here's the photo of the new modified machine! The essential difference is the large flywheel now installed on the top of the model! The first experiments have already yielded results that baffle me yet again! This machine never ceases to surprise me!

OK, so here's a test for you: If I repeated the experiments of Experiment 4.60, with this modification (remember that new flywheel on top is the only change), what do you think the results will be?

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